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Εuropean Initiative Nearly Zero Energy Hotels

The Nearly Zero Energy Hotels (NEZEH) is a European initiative on the transformation of the building stock towards nearly zero-energy buildings, coordinated by the Technical University of Crete, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems Lab and co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Programme (IEE) of the European Commission.

The NEZEH’s main objective is to accelerate the rate of refurbishment of existing buildings into Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB), focusing to the hotels sector (SME hotels):

  1. providing technical advice to hoteliers determined to go for NZEB renovations
  2. demonstrating the competitive advantages and sustainability of such projects
  3. challenging further large scale renovations through capacity building activities and showcases of the front runners

The project’s consortium will deliver practical and flexible technical oriented tools to support the hotel owners in their investment decisions. Providing technical advice, the consortium will assist them to design feasible and sustainable NZE projects. Pilot projects, in seven (7) countries, will demonstrate the profitability and benefits of such an investment and will become a powerful example to inspire emulation by other hotel owners.

NEZEH, which started at May 2013 and will end at April 2016, covers seven (7) European countries Greece, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Romania, Croatia, France and has a wide EU level impact. The NEZEH consortium involves 10 partners:

  • Technical University of Crete, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems Lab, project coordinator (GR)
  • United Nations World Tourism Organization (EU/INT)
  • Network of European Region for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism (EU)
  • Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations (EU)
  • Agency of Braşov for Energy Management and Environment Protection (RO)
  • Creara consultants (ES)
  • ENERGIES 2050 (FR)
  • Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (HR)
  • Istituto Superiore sui Sistemi Territoriali per l’Innovazione (IT)
  • Sustainable Innovation (SE)

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