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Training and qualification of RES installers in Europe, Brussels, 12 March 2013

Strategic workshop: "Training and qualification of small-scale RES installers in Europe", Brussels, 12 March 2013

The PVTRIN consortium invites you to attend the strategic workshop "Training and qualification of small-scale RES installers in Europe" which will be held in Brussels, Belgium, on 12 March 2013, in the framework of Install+RES and PVTRIN projects.

The event has the aim of providing relevant stakeholders with an overview of the roadmaps for qualifying the building workforce in Europe until 2020 and will provide practical tools for implementing training and qualification schemes for installers of small-scale renewable energy sources (RES) systems in buildings. These tools are represented by the Install+RES and PVTRIN projects, which have the aim to implement training courses for installers of small-scale RES systems in buildings in several European countries. During the event, two panel sessions will be also organized in order to address the needs related to the training and qualification of installers of small-scale RES in buildings in the certification field and from the market´s point of view.

The event is organised with the support of the European Commission under the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme.

Visit the PVTRIN website to find more information about the workshop, as well as the registration form.