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  • Μικρότερο μέγεθος γραμματοσειράς
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Services - Products

Services offered to third parties

  • Environmental impact assessment of power stations, conventional and renewable
  • Study of solar cooling systems
  • Technical and economic analysis of energy systems
  • Life cycle assessment of energy systems
  • Estimation of renewable energy potential in insular systems
  • Energy and environmental planning in insular systems
  • Optimum siting of renewable energy systems in insular and ecological  sensitive areas
  • Design of reactors for liquid biofuels production
  • Study of biosystems
  • Software application of energy design of large and prototype buildings

The ReSEL team, consisting of specialized scientists with multilateral experience in the Renewable and Sustainable Energy areas, shares the vision to turn research and scientific knowledge to technical and economical mature energy practices.

Research Results and products

  • Software of biomass district heating plant design
  • Kinetic study of fuel bioethanol production
  • Quantitative analysis of visual impacts from the development of wind parks
  • Solar map (thermal and PV potential), for Crete
  • Remote control solar vehicle, under scale
  • Design of biodiesel reactor with energy autonomy from sun