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Lab Team Members

  • Ioannis Argyriou, Physicist, MSc, PhD Candidate
  • Maria Aryblia, Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD Candidate
  • Εvita Dialyna, Environmental Engineer, PhD Candidate
  • Thanasis Chiras, Production and Management Engineer, MSc
  • Dr. Spyros Foteinis, Environmental Engineer
  • Μaria Frangou, Physicist, MSc
  • Marina Giamalaki, Civil Engineer, MSc
  • Pandora Gkeka-Serpetsidaki, Production & Management Engineer, PhD Candidate
  • Nikolaos Sifakis, Environmental Engineer, MSc, PhD
  • Georgia Skiniti, Environmental Engineer
  • Dr. Marianna Tsitoura, Architect Engineer, PhD
  • Stavroula Tournaki, Chemical Engineer, MSc - Lead of the EU projects team, Communications and Publications