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The 1st Virtual Workshop for clean and safe transport is going live during EMW2020

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For the fourth consecutive year, the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems Lab of the Technical University of Crete, within the framework of the European initiative CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, organizes a workshop on mobility services and measures that improve urban transportation and the quality of life in the city.

This interactive workshop takes place every year since 2017 during the European Mobility Week, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rethymno.

This year, the workshop for clean and safe transport is going virtual, and you can access it at:

In this virtual version, the visitor can:

  • Test his/her knowledge on ecological driving, calculate his/her environmental footprint as a driver, and learn good practices for safe, economical, and ecological driving with the GREEN YOUR DRIVE app.

Eco-driving quiz with the GREEN YOUR DRIVE app
  • Calculate gas emissions from the daily commute to/from school or workplace, and compare the environmental and economic benefits, in case of replacing car use with alternative, eco-friendly transport modes, with the GREEN YOUR RIDE app.

We choose to commute “differently” and we gain, with the GREEN YOUR RIDE app
  • Discover in the interactive map the alternatives for safe, clean and accessible transport provided by the Municipality of Rethymno, and get informed about new services, smart systems, and infrastructure related to e-mobility, walking and cycling, accessibility, parking and city traffic management, as well as traffic and environmental load monitoring. This section is only accessible via PC or tablet.

Interactive navigation map with sustainable mobility services from the Municipality of Rethymno
  • Get informed about clean vehicles and fuels, and used cooking oils recycling to produce low emission fuel, the biodiesel. Moreover, one can find instructions on proper recycling and a map with the 30 collection points in the city of Rethymno and the wider area.

Map of used cooking oils collection points
  • Share his/her opinion and suggestions by writing them on a virtual post-it and completing a short questionnaire. Further, the visitor can see the already published ideas in the “Ideas Area”.

We choose smart and ecological transport! This way, we gain energy, time, safety, a clean environment, a better city!

More information at:

Photos from the live workshops We transport “differently” at the European Mobility Week 2017, 2018, and 2019.