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Raising awareness of sustainable mobility and road safety in school communities 

The Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems Laboratory of the Technical University of Crete in collaboration with the Department of Programming and Development of Municipality of Rethymno, the Road Safety Institute «Panos Mylonas» and the support of Directorate of Primary Education and the Department of Education organized and held sucessfully educational activities for school community in Rethymno, in the frame of CIVITAS Destinations project.

The activities of the educational program included visits at 11 elementary schools in Rethymno and were conducted during the week of 22 – 26 January 2018. More than 600 students of elementary schools in Rethymno were informed and educated about road saferty through inetractive and experiential activities.

At the same time, teachers and parents had the opportunity to be informed, at different separately organized events held on January 23 and 24, respectively, about the overall activity plan for sustainable mobility and road safety for elementary schools, the proper behaviour during travels and relative road safety issues.

Road safety educational programs along with parents and teachers informational events are the initial implementation step of a targeted informational and awareness activities plan for schools communities of primary education in Rethymno concerning of sustainable mobility, road safety, environment and energy, within the CIVITAS Destinations project.